Cell-o-Fun 2020

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1. Interesting cell shape
2. Tsneswan
3. The Great Wave off ECM
4. The Pillars of Endocrine Creation
5. Another Stem Cell Culture
6. Pancreas Rorschach
7. Columbus mistacke
8. Umapant
9. Cell Connections
10. Network
11. Heart view
12. No Boundries
13. Quarantine
14. Moving around
15. pancreatic donut
16. Purple Blob Hanging in Suspension
17. Grappolo acinoso
18. Colourful Orbit
19. Fireworks in a tissue

20. The Islet Cosmos
21. Fireworks in a tissue 2
22. I want to tell you a joke about the small intestine. But villi?
23. Cell chart a single cell atlas
24. Actin – The Mask of Zorro
25. Interstellar
26. Mice can come in different flavors
27. Man! I am growing out
28. Cells having a pipe
29. Cells of fire and ice
30. Knead for Machine Learning
31. Howling at the Microscope
ORGANIZING TEAM: Associate Professor Mariaceleste Aragona, PhD student Mari Johanna Katariina Tolonen, PhD student Christina Maria Schuh, Pre-doc student Ingrid Tsang, Communication/ PhD coordinator Naomi D.

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