About Cell-o-Fun

Scientific images can proLogopel their role as a medium for transmitting scientific information, and often consist high aesthetic qualities. In the ‘CELL O FUN’ competition, scientific images produced by DanStem staff will be measured as objects of art.

The competition is open to all Faculty of Health and Medical Science, UCPH staff members: scientists, students, technicians, lab and facility specialists and administrators.

Three winning images will be selected by the number of votes. Ten images will be displayed at DanStem for 12 months.  First, second and third places, will be awarded prizes.

The aims of holding ‘science through art’ completion are:

  • To display the attractiveness of science
  • To increase the awareness of scientists to the beauty of their scientific findings
  • To increase the visibility of the Center and its scientific findings
  • To make the Center a visually pleasant place
  • To increase the sense of cohesion and unity

The images

Because the focus is on art, the aesthetic rather than scientific quality of the image is the key element in the competition. Nevertheless, the images must have some connection to biomedical science.

Image theme

Images could be microscopic of cells/tissues/matter, stained or unstained, computer-generated graphics or drawings, photographs from the lab, or anything else that springs nice/funny/powerful image.

Cell o Fun team

Cell-o-Fun Team: (From left) Siham Yanek, Naomi D., Ilcim Thestrup and Dror Sever

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